Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday afternoon craft.

Used: 1 old antique-y frame
3 plastic lemons
hot glue
a slab of cardboard I ripped out of a box (to paint)
blue and yellow acrylic paint
paper towel for making spongy yellow splotches
scrapbook marker for outlining letters

Fun! I used to always want a fruit house when I was younger (if you steal my idea, I'm gonna be soooo mad). Anyway, each room in my fruit house was gonna be themed around a different kind of fruit. I kind of envisioned a big stenciled "When life gives you lemons..." statement in the kitchen, and a yellow/lemon theme for the rest of the room. Another room would house all the Strawberry Shortcake collectibles I've amassed over the years. And so on. Anyway, this little project today was sort of like living a little piece of the dream. Happy Sunday! :)


  1. You are just like your mom. VERY creative. I love it!

  2. I love this. And just two weeks ago I started decorating my kitchen with lemons and limes. This means I have plastic lemons to use.

  3. Pam: Aw...thanks. I wish I was half the crafter my mom is!

    Maggie: Idea stealer!! Uh, just kidding. Cool! I wanna see your new decor sometime!


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