Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh boy, oh boy!!

I'm SO excited. Here's why: Last semester I applied for something called an ORCA grant. It's where you work with a professor to write a proposal for a research project you would like to do. My project involves going to ARUBA and conducting focus groups to find out current needs and preferences for marriage education there. About 1/3 of applicants are awarded the $1500 to work on their projects. And on Monday, the email came, and I got it!! I'm going to Aruba, baby!! I'll leave in July, and be there for about 6 weeks. I'm probably going to miss my own graduation. SO WORTH IT!!! I'm going to visit everyone I LOVE there, and learn how to KITE BOARD, and go to the BEACH regularly, buy AVOCADOS the size of my head, and drink fruit batidos. Oh yes, and I will research like no other. It's gonna be flippin' AMAZING. I guess I'm just really grateful they saw the good in my project because now I have the opportunity to do something that I feel can make a difference, and I get to do it in one of the most beautiful places on earth. :)


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