Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fall Projex

I don't know why I felt compelled to misspell the title of this post--I never think it's very cute when people/companies do that. Whatever.

I got a job! A full-time therapy job! I am so excited. This lady is gonna be bringin' home the bacon, proudly earning the title of "sugar mama." Oh, and hopefully helping people change their lives. No big deal. I'm keeping my little private practice gig going on the side, so things will be a little busy. But good busy!

My job doesn't start until October 8th, so meanwhile, I am still the housewife. And it hit me today that I had better live up these last two weeks. This realization propelled me into ultra housewife mode--which to me means. . . CRAFTS! (I might be really offending some true housewives out there--my perception of housewifery is probably pretty limited if I think crafts make up a major portion of the housewife's work. Well, do they? The verdict is still out on that one.)

Anyway, check out a couple of my fall projects. I stole the candy corn tree idea from pinterest, and the wreath was an original creation. Fun, huh? What else should I do in these two weeks before full-time work sets in? Your ideas are welcome.

straw wreath, old jeans, t-shirt and jean flowers, twine, brown bag paper, hot glue.

dead branch found in yard, candy corns, hot glue, cheap vase. pretty nifty, huh?

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