Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Just Lovely.

Check out the beautiful view from down my street as I got home from work last night. I had to run in and grab my camera.

to the right of our casa: TOO MANY CARS, but what an amazing sky

to the left of our casa

So, last night was Monday. We try to have Family Home Evening on Monday nights. I'd have to say that it was just perfect last night. Chad and I had invited a family from Church to come have FHE with us, but they weren't able to come. So it was just the two of us, as usual. We had a great discussion about how Jesus is described as the "living waters" in the scriptures, and what this means to us. Then we watched the re-run of BYU beating Georgia Tech in Atlanta last weekend and decorated a little family of acorn squash for our porch (thanks to Mama Smith for the cool pumpkin stickers!). What a fun time!

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