Sunday, November 1, 2009

Pumpkin Dates

'Tis the season! I went on two separate dates involving pumpkins or pumpkin-like activities this Halloween season. Here's the proof.

Date #1: Who wants to carve another pumpkin when you can carve...something else? Pictured here are Jorge the Banana Squash (note the sombrero, which is fashioned partially from the backside of Jorge's squash body--yes, a graft of sorts), and Chewy (sp?) the Butternut Squash, whose tongue was once the chunk of squash removed to make a mouth-hole. Aren't they cute?

Date #2: We went walking around a neighborhood on Halloween night taking pictures of jack-o-lanterns on porches. Upon returning home, we loaded the pics onto the computer and meticulously reviewed each one to judge which was the best. Once we picked our favorite, we created a certificate, to be presented to the creator of the winning pumpkin, along with a candy bar. Check out some of the top contenders:

Not bad at all.

Pretty good.

A Nativity Scene? Trying to put the real meaning back into...wait.


The "SMILE" pumpkin.

But best of all, we decided, was this one. I had to put the flash on, because a lot of the details were lost without it.

Well, the recipient of the contest he didn't even know he had entered did look a little taken-aback to see two college co-eds standing there on his porch, NOT dressed in costume, and clutching a piece of paper. I imagine he thought we wanted to sell him something. "We looked at all the pumpkins in your neighborhood," I said, "and we decided yours is the best. So this is for you," I said, handing over the prize.

"Who is this from--" and then, after a pause of realization, "Oh--from the two of you?"


"Well, thank you!" And in the house he went. What a funny exchange. I sure hope he's proud. Happy Halloween!

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