Sunday, November 15, 2009

What to do in the middle of the night?

So, I don't generally get a ton of participation from readers. Possibly because I don't have many readers. But if you are a reader, even if I don't know you're a reader, I want you to leave your comment to this post.

I have spent the last 2 months working a graveyard shift at a residential treatment center for adolescent girls. The hardest part about my job is staying up all night. I just put in my two-weeks' notice (Yaaaaay!!!), but I've still got two weeks left.

Here is a list of my nighttime activities, in case you ever wondered.

1. Transcription. I'm typing out all the Aruba tapes (from my research this summer), word for painstaking word. Maybe I should have worked on this more than I did.
2. Studying for the GRE. I could have worked on this more, too. But, I successfully finished the test, so that's cool.
3. Studying my scriptures.
4. Writing in my journal.
5. Writing on Aruba postcards to send to my missionaries from my last MTC district.
6. Composing serious emails to people I really needed to say serious things to.
7. Shopping at Forever21, but refraining from buying since I could have easily wasted a night's work money in one go.
8. Writing lyrics to a song I had already composed the tune to.
9. Watching a bunch of stupid movies and a couple of good ones. I really liked a foreign film called August Evening.
10. Eating. Huge quantities of baby carrots, grapes, and wheat thins.
11. Checking out craigslist: applying for new jobs; browsing the "free" items.
12. Making blog entries.
13. Writing a sample letter of recommendation for a professor, writing my letter of intent, and doing some other graduate school application stuff.
14. Reading: The Alchemist, Clara's War, Serendipity, Corner Shop, and this comedy book called "I Shudder..." until it got too crude for me. But there was a hilarious chapter about this guy's affinity for marshmallow Peeps. He does a pretty good job of describing what makes Peeps the most disgusting food you could ever imagine, and it was really funny. If you read the book, only worry about reading that chapter.
15. Watching almost every single episode of The Office ever made.

My question for you is this:

What would YOU do, if you had to stay awake all night, to keep from sleeping? I will accept movie or book recommendations, or just funny things you have done/would do if forced to stay awake.


  1. Sportscenter or hunting/outdoor channel. Kyle

  2. I am reading a book that I can't put down and it has made me stay up way too late. It is The Hunger Games, maybe you've already read it. The Goose girl books were my fave if you haven't read those. Or, if I had that kind of time I would probably do a lot of photoshopping and digital scrapbooking. I'd shop a lot too (without buying). I love putting things in my cart even though I know I won't buy them, it still gives me a small satisfaction. :)

  3. You could check out the blogs of old friends (
    Also leaving comments on people's blogs with links to your own blog is a good way to get more readers. :)

  4. I don't know what I would do, but I'm sure that I would have a really hard time not falling asleep.

  5. I know it's moot and my suggestion will probably strike you as weird and bad, but you said to comment if I'm a reader and I am, so I will. (I just have one long visit every couple of months rather than frequent short visits--that's why this response took so long):

    I would probably mutter to myself all night. That's how I write jokes. Sometimes it's how I convince myself of things. I don't do it enough that you should think I'm weird(!).

    I think I would probably say a lot of things like "I don't like staying up all night. . . I feel awful!" because I don't like staying up all night and staying up all night always makes me feel awful.


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