Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trust in Me

Why, I wonder, is it so hard to trust people?

Today, I got a $30 parking citation. This was given to me in a Visitor's Lot on BYU campus, after I had spoken with the parking attendant girl at the booth, and she had asked me if I was a BYU student. No, I told her, I wasn't a student. She asked me if I had graduated previously (the answer is yes), and if I was a grad student at BYU (the answer is no), and then she gave me a temporary Visitor's pass for my car, as well as a razor blade to try and remove the ridiculous Y lot sticker that I can't get off my windshield. (Maybe that was what made her think I was a student in the first place.)

Anyway, I got out of my car with my backpack, ready to hit up campus for some work on my research project, and when I came back out two hours later there was a $30 citation. On the bottom of the ticket, in girly handwriting, were the words, "See parking booth attendant to avoid ticket." Turns out the ticket was issued by the same girl who had given me permission to park there in the first place, and she thought I was a liar all along.

Why would I even park in the Visitor's Lot at 8 in the morning in the summer, when I could have my pick of all the student lots around campus? Also, how weird that the girl wouldn't have just verified my non-student-ship during the initial interrogation.

Oh, well. I'm over it. I gave her my ID, and stood there somewhat smugly as she called someone to verify that I wasn't afilliated with the school. I guess it's just hard to trust people these days.


  1. boo!

    well, i have my own little philosophy about trusting people, but we won't get into that... this issue is something that would REALLY make me boil so congrats for getting over it so fast!

    but... i also love this post because i think it means you're still in the neighborhood! and guess what—so am i! for about 2 more weeks. so please let's meet up SOMEWHERE SOMETIME.

    te quiero!

  2. Ooooh Olivia...I would absolutely love that. I'm also here for about 2 weeks. What day do you head out? Let's do lunch. PLEASE!

  3. wow, that's ridiculous of her! cammie, i had no idea you had a blog! thanks for stopping by on mine a while back. i miss talking to you too. how is life? please keep in touch.


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