Saturday, October 9, 2010


My name is Cammie. I'm from Alabamy. Well, I live here anyways. With either a church or a Waffle House on every block, this is definitely the south. Football is king--don't even think about going for a drive on game day. And campus? It's closed down for the weekend. That's right, even the library. Here in the south, the world is green and beautiful. People say "Yes, ma'am," and "Yes, sir." People ask me where I'm from and tell me I have an accent. If you don't like someone, you just say, "Bless her heart," and everyone knows what you really mean. This is my new home, and I'm loving it.


  1. Cammie. You're wearing my favorite dress in that picture. I miss you.

  2. Hahahha, i love it! And I love the Waffle Houses. We had breakfast at one when we just arrived in georgia earlier this year for our vacation. Best breakfast ever!!! Miss you! How's your research going?

  3. Jims--miss you too! Ah, yes. That dress.

    Naomi--The research is coming along alright. I think we'll be done in the next few weeks. (Have I said that before?) Haha.

  4. i can so relate— to the abundance of churches and waffle houses and yes ma'ams and 'bless her heart"s but game day is not as big. ;)

    do the primary kids call you "miss cammie"? that's my fave so far...

    anyway, again, email me pronto. i'm so out of the loop...


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