Saturday, June 11, 2011

Fixin' up the ol' bedroom

I revamped my room today and I'm really likin' it.

These boxes got covered in paper and hung from the ceiling to store headbands/hairclips/bobbypins/deoderant/whatever other random junk was littering my vanity.

Trinkets! I filled the vase and pottery with old tissue paper.

Vintage Valentines got mini-clothes-pinned up above my closet doors.

Precious, right?

I hung my Aruba license plate over my favorite Aruba painting.

A smattering of my favorite island pictures (which I took, btw) got stuck on the little window shutters. I think I might paint the window shutters a different color sometime.

And finally, these little salt and pepper shakers were too cute for me to pass up at the antique place. Not really normal bedroom decor, but whatever.

Hope you're having a lovely weekend.


  1. Cute! Wanna come fix up my house? I need major help.

  2. A) I'd love to! Your house is awesome, plus you guys are the bomb. So, yes. Count me in.

    B) Your house is already cute and I have a hard time believing you actually need my help decorating. ;)


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