Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Progress towards tri goals.

Yay! Only a month to go til the triathlon. I had a super duper training day today.

Biked 26.some miles in app. 1 hr. 22 minutes
Ran app. 5.78 miles in app. 58 min.

I think I'm going to adjust my goal slightly--I believe I said I wanted to get under 3 hours. Right now, with my fastest 1 mile swim time at app. 40 min plus the run/bike times above, AND leaving a few minutes for transitions, I think I will settle for a goal of 3 hrs. 15 min. I'll still be slicing a ridiculous chunk off last year's time. YAY!! (Oh, and my transition time today between bike and run was about 4 minutes.)

To take a line from Rebecca what's-her-name Friday-lover lady, "We we we so excited."

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  1. You're so Pro Cammie! I could never do a triathlon! You ARE the definition of hardcore. Good luck training!


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