Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I Believe

Linking up with some people today to talk about what I believe. I'm not getting too serious here, and this isn't a religious post. These are just a few truisms I have come to believe. Link up and share!

I believe in the power of a name. People like being called by name, even by people they've just met.

I believe in prayer, and a God who hears and answers.

I believe we get the families we do for a reason (and I'm sure glad I got mine!)

I believe that mountains and oceans are the best medicine.

I believe that being true to yourself is essential to being truly happy.

I believe that people & relationships matter more than tasks, goals, money, or time.

I believe that good music is powerful.

I believe that most people are basically good and do the best they know how.

I believe in holding myself to high ideals, but also cutting myself some slack when I fall short.

I believe that the more you know someone, the more you can like them.

I believe that the average, relatively-healthy human body is capable of amazing things.

In fact, I believe we are generally capable of doing things that are harder than we think we can.

I believe that I can change.

I believe that we should dream big, and I believe in setting goals and making plans.

(although, I believe spontaneity and fun are really, really important, too.)

 What do you believe?


  1. These are all really true.

    I am an especially strong believer of number one. Names are so important. I make a great effort to know all my students' names right away. I think it's a big respect thing.

  2. Thanks for linking up today :) I loved reading your list and learning a little more about you!

  3. I believe that with age comes wisdom through experience .

    I believe our wonderful young people give us perhaps most valuable lessons in sharing with us their refreshing thoughts and knowledge.

  4. so, i meant to tell you when i read this that i LOVE it. then i was thinking about it again and i think i will just print it out and tape it in my journal. you are so good at putting your feelings into words. i have a hard time with that so it was nice to read so many things that i find true right here!

    you and chad are very inspiring and uplifting people. we need more like you!


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