Friday, August 30, 2013


Well, I've practiced the spoons a couple of times since I posted last, so I decided to take a little video this morning. I don't know how youtube managed to select the ugliest face out of the whole video for the still shot, but wow! I really outdid myself. :) I will just say that the time investment to learn the spoons has been minimal, which has made it so fun. Setup and take-down are a snap, so I can usually talk myself into practicing even if I only have a few minutes. And there is so much you can do, rhythm- and choreography-wise. I'm still pretty boring, but check out Abby the Spoon Lady and you'll see.

Oh my gosh, and I just went to her facebook page and discovered she is doing free workshops at a jugband festival in Louisville next month!! This is my lucky day. Wowzas!

Sigh. I am seeing a client in half an hour. I should probably not be wearing pajamas and writing about spoons. Work is going SO well. Almost too well (is that possible?).

Tell me, what is your favorite random talent? Do you have hobbies that keep you in your pajamas longer you should be in the morning?


  1. Cute haircut! And nice job on the spoons, too!

  2. You're getting really good! Beautiful.

    I have no hidden talents. I like em out there for all to see as I don't have many haha. :)

  3. It will be awesome to see you. Perhaps we can make a special video for your blog. :) - Abby the Spoon Lady


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