Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Never Suppress a Generous Thought. {Free Printable!}

This is one of my favorite quotes, by my namesake (Camilla Kimball). 

"Never suppress a generous thought."

I want to embody that ideal. Ever since I heard the quote several years ago, it unexpectedly pulses through my mind at times when I contemplate giving way to selfish motives. At times, it is accompanied by a pang of guilt or justification. The thought comes:

                                 to call an old mission companion,
                                      a friend neglected,
                                          someone who is lonely,
                                               a family member,
                                                    someone I used to keep closer tabs on.

I know I should just do it. Swallow the hesitation and pick up the phone. But my brain works double-time to come up with reasons not to. I am tired. Maybe I should call when I know there won't be any interruptions, when I'll be able to focus better on the person and less on my own crud. Or sometimes, what if it just ends up being weird? What will I say? Do I have anything to offer this person?

The point is, I am human. I don't always make the right choice, but I hope to move closer to the ideal. I believe God inspires our thoughts for a reason, and if we stifle them, then we're probably gonna miss out on some pretty great moments. 

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