Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ringing in The New Season.

We've been rather enjoying the entry to fall around here. The weather has been beautiful, and I have been doing nice fall-ish things. Like riding my bike, for example. Chad and I went out for a short jaunt last night (short! I promise. Otherwise I'd be wearing a helmet!) and it was so lovely.

I've finally been decorating the bedroom a little, and it makes our space feel so much more homey. I am loving the burlap, and this ampersand (I love ampersands!).

 I bought a paint pen at Hobby Lobby that I was super excited about (which, truthfully, ends up writing a lot like a sharpie would), which I used to scrawl our names all over the '&.' It feels a little high-school-yearbook-ish, but I still think it's cute. 

Also in the bedroom decor arena (and this was why I bought the burlap to begin with), we gave our bedside lamp a little up-do. Actually more like a re-do, from when I botched painting green chevron stripes on it forever ago. After insisting to Chad that is looked "whimsical" for months, I gave in and re-did it. We like out it turned out.


Things are feeling nice and fall. How are you ringing in the new month?

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  1. I love the burlap! Your bows are so cute and I love the lamp.

    I made burlap curtains for my kitchen recently. My husband doesn't get it.


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