Monday, September 23, 2013


Saturday was my dear sister Elise's birthday. I love her so.

Elise and Sam on the zipline at Ragged Mountain--taken approximately 5 minutes after the birth of her baby, Clara.

Elise and her adorable baby, Clara. Love that child!

You know, having sisters is great. And even though Elise is a few years my junior, she is just brimming with wisdom and awesomeness. A few things to love about Leesey Poo:

one// Elise gets things done, and you never really hear her complain. You should read about the time her water broke while she was playing catcher for her 3rd grade girls' team (she was the coach). That is so like her. In her short 23 years, she has graduated from college, studied abroad in Jerusalem, married terrific Sam, become a mom, competed in tennis at number one singles in high school, been selected for All State choir, and been a favorite friend to lots of people. I know I am leaving lots out, too.

two//Elise is always positive. When I heard she was planning on bringing 3-week-old Clara to the family reunion on top of a mountain, I was pretty sure she'd do it. She's done marathons and stuff too, which is also evidence of her positivity and stick-tuitiveness.

three//I admire Elise's superior athleticism. She recently graduated with a degree in Physical Education, which is so perfect for her. While pregnant, she taught Zumba classes at a high school, played (and won!) several intramural sports with her husband, Sam, and just led an active, healthy lifestyle like she always does. Oh, and she tied Chad for first place in the Gettin' Healthy challenge a few months back. Just case in point.

four//Elise is humble. She should totally have a GINORMOUS head, but she is so level-headed and chill. She never brags about her accomplishments or makes you feel bad if you aren't in the same place she is. Here is a perfect (although somewhat personal) example: A few years ago, I broke off an engagement, and just a couple of weeks later she got engaged to Sam (her now-husband). It was an extremely difficult time in my life, but I remember still feeling supported and encouraged by Elise, even though she was planning her own wedding and could have been completely absorbed in her own world. 

Elise, you are a fabulous human being and I hope your birthday was the best ever. Can't wait to hear about your surprise dinner! 


  1. aw so sweet. Happy birthday, Elise!

  2. Yes but everybody knows, Elise inherits all of her coolness from her big sis, Cammie! :) Thanks for the birthday shoutout, Cam! Love you!


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