Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Post-Surgery Chad

Chad had a minor, outpatient surgery done yesterday. We really didn't think it was going to be a big deal and we didn't plan for any major deviations from normal life because of it. As in, I went about my normal work schedule yesterday, and picked him up when the doctor called. I dropped him back off at the house and resumed work (although once I had laid eyes on him post-surgery, I felt really bad about going back to work).

Chad, true to form, has handled his recovery like a champ. I know he must be in some pain (they don't just hand out percoset willy-nilly, right?), and he's moving around a little gingerly, but overall he seems to be feeling pretty good.

I just love him so much. When I went to pick him up yesterday, he looked kind of yellow and sleepy and really weak sitting there in his hospital gown. The nurse wheeled him out to the car in a wheelchair (standard procedure, I know, but it accentuated his momentary helplessness). It is a rare opportunity to see Chad this way and to actually be able to do things for him he would have a hard time doing for himself.

Not that I want him to stay sick (at all!), but I'm just saying, that aspect has been kind of nice. I feel like he is always doing things for me that make my life significantly easier, but I have a hard time finding those kinds of things to do for him. I would write more about it, but I am off to work.


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  1. Aw sounds like a trooper! Glad you have the opportunity to take good care of him. :) He's lucky to have such a caring wife and I wish him a speedy recovery.


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