Saturday, February 16, 2013

Gettin' Healthy.

January's over, and maybe some of us need some extra motivation to be healthy as the new years resolutions fade into nonexistence.

Chad and I invited our family and friends to join us for a special health challenge, and today I thought, "Why not just open it up to the vast readership of my blog?!" [crickets]. Ahem.

Well, just in case you ARE reading this, here are the details.

1. Serious competitors will invest $10 at the beginning of the 8-week competition. You're welcome to follow along at home for FREE, but you miss out on having that extra little twinge of "I spent $10 to join that competition and now I'm flushing it down the drain by eating Chick-Fil-A for dinner?"

2. The first place winner will take 50% of the money, with second and third place winners taking 30% and 20%, respectively. Winners will also be featured here (oooh, the prestige!).

3. Each competitor gets access to their own personalized, online spreadsheet tracking their scores (and the ability to view other participants' scores, as well).

4. Each day, you earn up to 10 points for doing things like exercising at least 45 minutes (2 points), eating 5 servings of vegetables (2 points), drinking 64 ounces of water (1 point), not eating junk food (1 point), eating 3 healthy meals (1 point each), and not eating within 2 hours before you go to bed (1 point). Your lowest-scoring day will be dropped, and at the end of the 8 weeks, your lowest week will be dropped. (read: you are allowed one emotional/crazy/undisciplined day per week and one emotional/crazy/undisciplined week.)

Interested? Great! Email me here, and we can exchange info and I'll send you your spreadsheet. We'll start on Monday, February 25th. Feel free to share the button below, which will link back to this post. Let's get healthy, everybody!

Mr & Mrs. Smith

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