Monday, February 25, 2013

This Weekend, I. . .

This weekend, I watched Scott Pilgrim vs The World with Chad and some friends of ours. We liked it okay, mostly because the main character is George Michael from Arrested Development and we think he's funny. Overall though, probably wouldn't watch it again, although I was entertained and enjoyed the company. Our friend Andrea made us this amazing mango drink called Mango Lassi. Yummm.

This weekend, I went to a UofL hockey game with Chad. They were playing Life University, and we laughed about how that sounds like the name of a fake college, one you would say you went to if you didn't go to college ("I was educated by LIFE."). Then we proceeded to comment on the game using cheesy puns that resemble things you might actually say about life. Like, "They are totally taking life by the horns!" and "Wow, that guy really looks like he's getting beat up by life right now." You get the idea. Endless, endless fun. Oh, and I forgot that ice rinks are freezing--but we stuck it out.

This weekend, I became totally obsessed with the health challenge we're starting today. I am just so, so excited to see enthusiasm about this from so many people. Already I can tell the competition will be fierce, but Chad and I have both decided to go all in! We've got 31 participants now, which means somebody's gonna win $150! I don't even care if I win (okay, I really, really want to win), but I'm hoping everyone will be in better health at the end of these 8 weeks, myself included. If you want to join, today probably really is the last day, as much as I would like to keep taking people forever. Shoot me an email or comment.

Here's to a happy Monday and a great week! 


  1. Health Challenge Day 1, whoohoo!!!

    Also, love Arrested Development!! :)

  2. Looks like a good weekend. Good luck on your health challenge!
    Happy Monday

  3. Sounds like a good weekend! I love all the Life U. joke. Good luck with your health challenge!!


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