Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving.

November has been sooo crazy. I got sorta behind with hours in October so this was catch-up month. (With full-time therapy jobs, you generally have a productivity standard--some percentage of your time that has to be considered "billable" time.) I killed it this month, doing 22 extra hours of therapy in the month. Which, I will add, is impressive if you are working a full month, but when you are taking off the two last days of the month for Thanksgiving? Incredible.

So, I feel good about that. I like being in the rhythm of a busy work schedule. Even though I don't always like coming home late, and sometimes my job wears me out, there is something really satisfying about working a lot. Oddly, I seem to do some of my best work when I am doing a lot of it (of course, I probably do some of my worst work too, when I am super tired. I outright admitted to my last client of the day today, "I squeezed an entire week of sessions into three days, and you are my last session. My brain is fried right now." (I felt like I needed her to understand my sluggishness.))

So, now that the work month is over, Chad and I get to take our beloved Memphis roadtrip for Thanksgiving. I am so excited to be with Marci, Spiro, and Noel.

Noel is an adorable 6 (almost 7) year-old. Today I was chatting with Marci and she told me that the other night, as she was putting Noel to bed, Noel said, "Mom, I need something to do other than think about Thanksgiving. I am trying to keep myself busy. But when I go to bed at night, it is all I can think about, and it just hurts."

It just hurts.

I die! I just love that little girl. Kids are the best. I can't wait to see them tomorrow.

I am so thankful for family, for my wonderful husband, for Jesus. For a beautiful place to live and experiences in life that have made me appreciate my own circumstances so much more. For great friends. For the beach, and fall leaves, and the mountains, and heavy rains at nighttime.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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