Friday, November 15, 2013

Your Thanksgiving Ideas.

I really loved all of your Thanksgiving traditions you shared. In fact, I loved them so much that I think I will subject everyone to reading them now, in this post.

Suze shared that this month, she is writing a different thank-you note each day of the month. Love that idea! I am too late to join in this month, but I love the idea of not just being grateful but actually expressing gratitude.

My cousin-in-law (is that a real thing?), Beth, suggested keeping a running list on a white board with things everyone is grateful for. She also said that as a kid, her family would read the Christmas story and put up a nativity. I like the idea of focusing on gratitude for the Savior.

Leesey Poo shared, about her husband's family: "Sam's family has a little bucket and slips of paper set out throughout the month of November and throughout the month you write down things you are thankful for/nice things about other people in the family. Then on Thanksgiving day they read them all out loud and sometimes you try to guess who wrote it. They get pretty creative and silly sometimes with what they write. I thought it was a fun idea."

Another cousin-in-law (definitely a real thing), Rochelle, suggested a Thanksgiving pinata! Never heard of such a thing, and it's totally unconventional, but I like it. Apparently it's a long-standing tradition in the Smith family.

And finally, bff Maggie shared: "We have this weird tradition where we cook a turkey and eat it." Someone's always gotta be a smart alec. . .

Tomorrow, as a special treat, I will share the Thanksgiving advent calendar my friend Cynthia and I came up with. I'm pretty excited, because who doesn't love family traditions? It's fun to start new ones.

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