Friday, December 13, 2013

Let's Talk Headbands.

Be prepared for a shameless sister plug.

You remember how cool my sister Elise is, right? Okay, good. 

Elise has a new etsy shop where she is selling these adorable headbands. Her motto: "making cute babies cuter, one headband at a time." Here is the evidence:

baby not included.

You all know I don't have a baby, but when I saw these, I immediately thought of several babies in my life who needed to have one of these headbands. One of my initial concerns was whether headbands are truly one-size-fits-all--I mean, I don't want my fellow large-headed folks to be hurting. Luckily, Elise has a range of sizes appropriate for different aged babies (obviously, you might want to measure your kiddo's head just to be sure you're getting the right size).

Elise shipped my headbands the same day I ordered them, which was awesome. She even enclosed a special note, at my request, in a shipment I had sent to a friend.    

Check her shop out on facebook or on etsy to view the full selection. And, dear reader, you can snag free shipping with the code shipfree13 until December 31st. Enjoy!


  1. I love your fine print. But mostly I love you.

  2. The URL has actually changed.


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