Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Break

I'm new to the world of blogging, but my 10 year-old brother created a blog today and inspired me to do the same.

I've come home for Christmas. A few funny things have been done/said.

Yesterday, my little sister Mary, who is 5, was overheard to threaten 7 year-old Mckay with something close to the following phrase: "If you _____, I will kick your butt." It was one of those unfortunate moments where the big people in the room stop talking just in time to hear or see the little people do something that will get them into trouble. My mom was fired up. (We don't like the 'b' word at my house). She said, "C'mon Mary, let's go wash your mouth out with soap." But before my mom could carry Mary off to the bathroom sink, she got distracted by something McKay was doing. Mary recognized her getaway. I saw her walk away quickly and call over her shoulder, "Don't worry, Mom, I'll wash my own mouth out with soap." That made me laugh. I'm pretty sure she wasn't really going to wash her own mouth out with soap. It must have seemed like a pretty logical way to get herself out of the punishment though--assuring Mom that the mouth-washing would be taken care of, that she could just rest easy and save herself a trip because Mary would do it herself. On the other hand, would she really wash her own mouth out with soap? Also a funny thought. Maybe she really believed it was dirty and felt compelled to wash it out. Imagine that.

Another funny thing was this morning as we crammed into the van to drive to church. We don't quite all fit in the van anymore. Emma (14) was sitting on Elise's (18) lap. Emma started whining and moving around and when told to calm herself down, she said in her whiniest voice, "But Mom, Elise just dug her knuckles into my ticklish spot!" to which Elise replied calmly, "That's because you just sat your ticklish spot on my knuckles." I thought it was a quick and witty rebuttal on Elise's part.


  1. Yay, I get to be your first comment! I'm so happy you have a blog now because I always wonder how you are doing but I am too shy to call you. Your family is so funny, I do enjoy a good Becksteadism. Thanks for sharing!

  2. you wrote "butt" in your blog. Get the soap young lady. Funny stuff Cam - brought a smile to my face :)


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