Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I love Mexicans

I love Mexicans. On Friday night I went to the Christmas party for the Spanish branch of my church--the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I have a friend there; her name is Mari and she is married with 4 kids. Our conversations have probably totalled about 2 hours, including a couple of encounters at my sparse visits to the Spanish worship services, my translating for her at a Cub Scouts' Pack Meeting, and a few phone calls back and forth while I've been away at school in Utah.

I guess I love Mexicans because they are so quick to love. Our American gestures of warmth and caring (a friendly wave, a firm handshake) pale in comparison with how some of the Mexicans I know just sort of overflow with love. Somehow with Mexicans I feel like you can skip right past the "casual acquaintances" stage; a few minutes together and you can reach Anne Shirley's "bosom friends" stage. It makes me happy.

Mari invited my little sister and I over for dinner tonight...I'm stoked for the food and the Spanish and the love. :)


  1. We were called into the Spanish branch shortly after we moved here. It's so fun! I agree they are very loving. And they sure know how to party! I've never been to a bigger fiesta than our branch Christmas party!

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  3. yep, we latins are friendly like that. All races have their strengths. Thank you for recognizing our strength though. we just need more cammie beckstead blogs like that to make the world a peaceful place. :)


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