Monday, August 27, 2012

Louisville is for Lovers

I have so many things I could blog about. (Not because my life has been overly eventful the past few weeks, but because I stopped blogging. Ha.) We love our new place (pics to come) and the wedding was fabulous (pics to come). But for now, a nice post about fun Louisville and some of my favorite things so far:

1. We went to a Mumford and Sons concert a few days after we got here. The concert was at the Great Lawn, which is right along the river. Our good friend James came with us. The concert was a graduation gift from Chad. He knows what I like! We had a great time.

2. We are enjoying having a backyard, and also owning some cool camping accessories (thanks, Grandma Davis!). Camping in your backyard is convenient (and sometimes more comfortable than sleeping in a room sans air-conditioning, in Kentucky, in August. Actually, we have air-conditioning, we just don't always like turning it on at night.). What a blast!

3. It's fun having a house to do stuff to. It's also fun having a husband who teaches you how to use power tools.

Stay tuned for: wedding, Florida trip, visit to Taylor & Jenny in Nashville, the house, and my thriving therapy business (that last one is a bit of a stretch, but I'm staying positive!). . .

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  1. You guys are wearing ear plugs at the concert? Must not have been that good... ;)


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