Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Triathlon Goals 2012

Coming up with goals for the triathlon this year is a little tricky, a) because I haven't been training very much, and b) because I'm doing a sprint this year, which is shorter than the olympic distance I've done the last two years.

Here are my past times:

Year 1 Swim: 26:39
Year 2 Swim: 44:25
Year 3 Swim: 40:39

Year 1 Bike: 1:00:43
Year 2 Bike: 1:43:20
Year 3 Bike: 1:24

Year 1 Run: 29:37 (that's a 9:33 mile)
Year 2 Run: 1:16:41 (12:22 mile)
Year 3 Run: 1:00:17
I think I would be pretty happy to manage half of last year's olympic time, since that was my best time and I had trained a lot. I should be able to keep a quicker pace since it's a shorter race. 

So, my goal: swim in 20:20, bike in 53:10; run in 30:08. 


  1. When is your triathalon! I want to do it with you!

  2. What?! I've been TRYING to get you to do it, I thought! It's on September 29th. Call me if you're serious.


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