Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bridal Shower

My roommate, Esperanza, threw me a bridal shower yesterday. She and Marty and Melanie made the most amazing food, and it was also the only thing photographed. :) I thought along with sharing the pictures, I would also share some of the advice people wrote down for me. Some of it was pretty funny, and some of it is probably really wise.

One really awesome surprise was that Melanie, who was the stake camp director this year, had invited the YCLs (youth camp leaders) to come to the shower. (I went to girl's camp this year as the YCL leader). They made a loud, surprise entrance after everyone else was already sitting down. What a great surprise! And honestly, their advice was some of my favorite to read. 

So without further ado, here are a few of my favorites:

"Pick your battles. Socks in the living room: maybe not a big deal. Toilet seat staying up at night: much bigger deal." (from Misty, in the branch)

"Make time for the 'me' as well as the 'we.' (from Amanda, in the branch)

"Lots of sweets, it makes them fat and jolly." (from Emma, one of my YCLs)

"Hmmm, I really have no idea! Smile, laugh. Have some alone time. Read the scriptures!" (I think this one came from Grace, in the branch)

"Stay close to the Lord together. The best thing you can do to strengthen your relationship is to pray and study together. Have a hobby or interest you share and always have a weekly date! Be patient and laugh a lot!" (I'm pretty sure this was from Sister Beesley, whom I worked with at camp and whom I admire immensely)

"Don't be embarrassed to talk to your old married lady friends. Stuff that you think should be easy is sometimes the hardest to work out." (from Aubrey, in my cohort, who is only a couple years older than me but has been married for 4 years)

"Don't let him make you do all the hard work. You should share all responsibilities equally." (from a YCL, who probably doesn't know what a hard worker Chad is and that maybe her statement should be reversed)

"Scriptures, prayer, and a kiss before you leave home every morning." (from Marty, who was the longest-married person at my shower and has one of the sweetest relationships I know. She added, "It's really hard to be mad at each other if you do that.")

". . . important words to use when needed: I'm sorry, you were right, I didn't mean to. Words to use every day: I love you, thank you, you are amazing. Keep the romance alive. It is easy at first, but harder as life gets busier." (from Melanie, another long-time married who I trust big-time)

And finally, Esperanza's joke-advice, "Never go to bed angry," (therapists don't like giving cliche advice) which she later modified. "Don't forget the value of complaining. Self-sacrifice is crap." (Also semi-jokey, the last part is poking fun at things we've heard MFT professors say.) 

There was more advice, but that's probably enough for one blog post. I'm really grateful so many friends could come celebrate with me. And now, pictures of food:

the spread. yummmm

cherry limeade (in the colors!)

cake (again, the colors!)

cake balls. wow

chicken salad sandwiches

puppy chow--one of my all-time favorites

honey-butter carrots (organic! :) )

lemon bars

Esperanza's famous cheese ball

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