Wednesday, June 13, 2012


training buddies
I've been feeling pretty bummed about not doing a triathlon this year. Then I went to Girl's Camp and made friends with these lovely girls who are now my training buddies! We've been running a little and we'll do a sprint tri in Lenoir City, Tennessee this fall. I'm excited!

Here's an interesting question: what do you think about indiscriminate honesty? Chad recently shared a piece of advice he had received from someone that in marriage, and especially when you are first married, you should focus on being 100% honest with your spouse. The person giving the advice had heard an older, married man share this advice. The man said he had never been untruthful with his wife when she cooked a meal he didn't like. He said it was great, because he had never had a bad meal twice, and now he liked everything his wife cooked. But hearing about it made me a little sad. Isn't it okay to lie sometimes to spare someone's feelings? How important is it to constantly give accurate and piercing feedback?

FORTY-FIVE DAYS LEFT. Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait. Must wait.

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