Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Embarrassing Moment

Well, I am feeling rather embarrassed right now.

Remember the panties-and-bra prank our neighbors pulled a few weeks ago? And the cups-o-water prank we got them back with? They looooved it. And they also let us in on a secret--that some of our other neighbors had also been involved in the panties-and-bra prank. So naturally, we've been plotting our response 

Chad thought of something simple, but delightful. A nice "Give Thanks" banner (you know, keeping in the spirit of the holidays and all) constructed of the bras and panties left over from the original prank. It didn't take long to make, but putting it up without getting caught was more difficult impossible.

Last night, we went over around 11pm. Lights on in the front room. No sight of the neighbors, but who knows if they might have strolled into their front room and seen us out there. No go.

This morning, we got up at 6am thinking we could quickly hang the banner. The minute we stepped onto the porch, their dog (who knew they had a dog?!) started barking its head off. Fail.

So today, when one of my appointments cancelled, I saw my chance. Both of their cars were gone, and I thought, "This is going to be so awesome. I'm going to pull this off in broad daylight." (Broad daylight, yes, but pulling it off...not so much).

So there I was, with the banner almost hung up completely, standing on their front porch trying to get the letters to hang right, smiling smugly at the dog barking on the other side of the door, when suddenly, my neighbor's car appears and pulls into their driveway. I duck down, but then realize we've made full eye contact, it's completely light outside, and I'm still standing--frozen--on the porch. 

I made a little joke when he got out of the car and said, "Oh hey, I was just delivering that banner you ordered." Ha. Ha. And then he helped me finish putting it up. Pretty sweet, although I was pretty embarrassed for getting caught. He says he'll leave it up so his girlfriend can be surprised.

I must say, I'm feeling much less confident about my pranking abilities. Guess I needed to be humbled a bit. 

as you can see, I never quite got the letters to hang right, but I was too embarrassed to obsess over the details once the guy got home. I was pretty excited to get outta there. . . (oh hey! I just noticed you can see the dog standing in the doorway. he was not happy with me.)

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