Monday, November 19, 2012

Aruba, Jamaica...nah, I'll just stick with Aruba.

I am so in love with Aruba.

It began when the Lord sent me there for 6 months as a missionary and then for another 3 after some mission time spent in other places.

It continued when I went back a year later because I scored a research grant to learn about marriage education on the island.

I slogged through my master's thesis, which I wrote about the marriage education in Aruba, while fantasizing about being IN ARUBA.

And now, three years later, I keep feeling pulled back to my little "dushi tera" (sweet land). I am obsessed with that place! I've gotten to share it with mission companions, and my parents, and Steve & Barbara Duncan when they came to help out with the research. Next month, I get to share it with the love of my life, so I'm extra extra excited. I hope he loves it as much as I do.

I'm planning on snorkel time, and pastechi/pan keshi (delicious food involving delicious Dutch cheese), and batidos (fresh fruit smoothies), and tracking people down I haven't talked to in 2 years, and lounging. Lots of lounging. I'm sure it'll be cool to see the Christmas lights on all the pretty houses, too. I haven't ever been there at Christmastime. Oh, it's going to be glorious.

This is me, and Chad. Well, it will be me and Chad. 


  1. i am super jealous & happy for you! you are going to have to tell me about aruba sometime!

    1. oh, I will give you an earful sometime! :) we still need to get together, anyhow.


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