Monday, May 27, 2013

Birthday HIJACKING!!!

Chad Smith here. I'm taking over this site to tell Cammie just a few (28 to be exact) of the many reasons why I am madly in love with her. Please add your reasons too! (mostly I'm just looking for why you love/like Cammie. I'm not really interested in hearing why you may be madly in love with her...that one is kind of reserved for me.) Happy Birthday Pookie!!!

1) Cammie has such strong faith. Some may wonder why I put this first, but beside the fact that this list in not in order of importance, I believe our faith gives meaning to everything else in life--especially our relationships. Because Cammie has such a strong testimony of God and Christ, and Their plan for us, I can always trust that she will make decisions that will allow us to be together forever.

2) Cammie is cute, hot, and everything in between. I just think Cammie is the most beautiful creature on earth. She has the most amazing eyes, really awesome dimples, a very pretty smile, beautiful curly hair with sassy bangs, and a super cute little body. I could look at her all day. For free.

3) Cammie is a hard worker. 40+ hour work weeks...and then she comes home and takes care of me. That aint no easy thing!

4) Cammie is smart. I am always really impressed with how well she knows her field. She is always  pulling facts from research articles, teachers, and the DSM!!!

5) Cammie is smart, but doesn't make me feel stupid. I'm not very good at a lot of things that Cammie is really good at. Like spelling. But she never makes me feel dumb.

6) Cammie is funny. She makes me laugh. A lot. I'm really grateful for that because it makes life more enjoyable now, and I can see that her sunny disposition will be a big blessing in our home for the rest of our lives.

7) Cammie is so nice to people. Cammie would do anything for anyone. She is just that kind of person.

8) [This comment was flagged as inappropriate by the community and has been removed]

9) Cammie has the most gorgeous voice. I honestly just melt every time I hear her sing. A few days after we met we played guitars together, and when I heard her start singing I got this pit in my stomach because I thought there was no chance I was ever going to get someone so talented! I was really intimidated.

10) Cammie makes our house a home. I lived in the house we are in for a couple of months before we got married and Cammie moved in. No pictures, no decorations, no fresh scents. Cammie moved in and the feel in our house changed immediately.

11) Cammie is a sugar momma. That's right--this girl brings home the bacon. Lots of it. I'm grateful that she provides so well for us while I in school.

12) Cammie can shred a guitar. Read #9, inserting "playing" in place of "singing." Most girls can play a few chords (really sexist comment, I know, but this has definitely been my experience), so when Cammie said she played guitar, that is about all I expected. She blew me away when she started playing very complicated songs--songs that she wrote!!! She is very talented.

13) Cammie is really good at just loving people for who they are. She says it was one of the big things she took away from her MFT training, but she is just a natural at empathizing with people and letting them know she cares.

14) Cammie is Top Chef. I love love love eating food she makes. When we were dating she was busy with school and always ate really simple things like yogurt, nuts, granola bars, ect. So that is about all I expected. But after we got married she started making all of these yummy things! I was pleasantly surprised.

15) Cammie is one fit momma. She is doing a Half-Ironman this Saturday!!!! That is impressive.

16) Cammie writes really awesome love notes.

17) Cammie plays the piano so beautifully. I could have written one comment that said "Cammie is incredibly musically talented" but then I would have had two less comments. I am so happy that beautiful music is never going to be in short supply in our home.

18) Cammie is chill. Yesterday I was taking Carla (a blind friend of ours) to church (which Cammie usually does) and she was telling me how nice it is to work with Cammie (she plays the piano for primary--Cammie is [actually...was] the primary chorister) because she is very laid back. That was good for me to hear and made me think about and appreciate the fact that Cammie balances me out so well (I have a tendency to be a bit high-strung)

19) Cammie likes the outdoors. I like this outdoors, so that is pretty convenient.

20) Cammie is has wonderful insight into the gospel. Early on Cammie impressed me with her above average grasp of the gospel as she shared a scripture she had recently read and her thoughts on it. This knowledge and understanding of the gospel has helped bring the spirit into our home so many times.

21) Cammie likes to wrestle. A lot of times she gets in the mood to demonstrate her strength to me. It usually ends in boughs of hysterical laughter from both of us.

22) Cammie is tough. She does a lot of hard things and never complains about them. Ever.

23) Cammie is patient. I know I do things that Cammie doesn't like, but she is really patient with me as I try to change.

24) Cammie loves her family. I am the youngest in my family....even the youngest of all my cousins. So don't really know what it is like to have little siblings. But Cammie does. She is the oldest in her family....even the oldest of all her cousins. And she loves all of them so much and makes time for them.

25) Cammie writes me the sweetest notes.

26) Cammie is determined. When Cammie gets it in her head that she is going to do something, it gets done. The classic example is being the top saleswoman in her fifth grade candy bar sales fund raiser, but is still just as much a part of her today as ever.

27) Cammie is humble. With this long of a list of outstanding virtues, one could get a big ego. But Cammie is so humble and quiet about her strengths and talents.

28) Cammie consented to marry me. One year and four months ago yesterday in fact. I thank the Lord everyday of my life that Cammie and I were able to meet and be sealed together for time and for all eternity. She is such a blessing in my life and makes me so so so soooo happy! I love her so much and hope I can do a better job each day showing her that.

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