Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Underprepared, but Determined.

Is that not the craziest video? Those women are some fighters!

So, I have been afraid lately that maybe I haven't prepared adequately for my Half Ironman a week from this Saturday. Those fears were confirmed (gulp!) by my failure of a workout today.

I have swam (swum?) the full distance several times, and have almost run the full distance a few times, but had been short on biking (only had biked about 2 hours max, even though I know I'll be on that bike for about 4 hours), and hadn't done a lot of brick workouts (where you practice swimming and then biking, or biking and then running). The brick workouts I had done were short and I didn't push myself too much.

So today, motivated by June 1st's horrific deadline, I set out to bike the full distance for the first time (56 miles!) and run the full distance (13.1 miles). The bike went great! I biked out to Iroquois Park (5ish miles from my house) and went up and down lots of hills, and almost ran over a turtle, a snake, and a chipmunk. And saw a groundhog (I think. It was fat and brown.)

The bike went great, except I was really worn out by the end. It took me 4 hours. The last 10-ish miles were pretty tiring. I got home to drop off my bike, and I was so pumped about getting out for the run, even though my legs felt jello-ish. So run I did--but I only made it a couple miles before I had to take a break and walk. I walked-ran for 5 or 6 miles, and then had to stop and get water. I was dying. So thirsty, and once I stopped I couldn't start again. Only then I was 6 miles from home. Drat. So I walked home, and it took FOREVER, and I felt really mad at myself for walking, but when I tried to run again it just hurt too much, and I was getting sunburned like crazy, and I felt like a dork because I was all decked out in my tri clothes, and walking through the ghetto, and getting cat calls, and all I could think about was getting home and canceling all my therapy appointments for the evening. Which I did.

So what to do? There is NO WAY I am backing out of this race. I have invested a lot of money and time, even if it wasn't enough time. How much do you think adrenaline can carry a person through? I've done some reading and decided not to "taper" next week, and I really think if today were race day I could have forced myself to run those last 6 miles (but I didn't even start with a swim...)

Please encourage me. Tell me this is possible and I'm not crazy.


  1. Cammie you can totally do this!!! Don't psych yourself out. Its amazing what your body can do it has the strength to do this don't let your mind tell you differently. Good luck! You will do awesome!

    1. Thanks, Cassie!! That is something I so desperately need to hear/believe right now!

      P.S. We miss you guys...how's OK? I've already heard through the grapevine that you guys are ok, I'm so grateful you're safe.

  2. Well it's a little different probably and I think already told you this, but here you go. For my marathon I was following this training plan. I think the second longest run was supposed to be 16 or 18 miles. I remember being a couple miles short- I just couldn't bring myself to finish. The longest run before the marathon was supposed to be 20 miles. We had aunt Lee drop us off somewhere up the canyon and Sam, Elise, and I began to run. It was the first day of school so we were maybe a little tired already. We did it a night, so it didn't take long to get dark, and we just got so tired. Me and Elise were a couple miles(at least) short of finishing that run too. Obviously I seriously doubted whether I would be able to finish the marathon but tried to keep positive thoughts. Somehow, on race day with the crowds of people, music, aid stations, adrenaline, racing bib, etc. etc. we were able to finish. I even kept my goal of not taking any walking breaks. I don't know how it works, but the brain is a pretty cool thing. If you can convince your brain there is a chance you can do this, your head will keep you going even when your body wants to stop. Stay positive and then just go do your race! And here is the song that kept me going at the hardest parts of my marathon. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8eKbBOOcDQA (the chorus is the best part). Love ya Cam.

    1. Emma, it's so crazy you bring that story up, because I thought about you guys a TON while trying to run today. I just kept thinking, "Okay, I know Emma had some crazy story about not really feeling prepared for her marathon. Maybe I can have a crazy story too about miraculously finishing my race." I think you're right, though--I need to be positive and believe I can do it. I believe! Also, I need to listen to that song approximately 1,000 times before race day. I wish we were allowed to use headphones at the race.

  3. I second Emma's story. For what was supposed to be our longest run before the marathon, I thought I was going to die and I really couldn't finish the run. Here are the things that I believe made ALL the difference for our marathon.

    -The week of the race, eating and sleeping really well is more important than any big, long training runs (or swims or bike rides).
    -Start taking ibuprofen 2-3 days before the race (my Athletic Training teacher gave me that tip, and I guess i don't really know if it helped, but i think it did).
    -Make sure to stay hydrated and nourished during those long training days. Bring water with you to run, even if it's annoying to hold. Bring a power bar or gel or something to eat as well. I'm assuming they will have stuff like that for you for your race?

    Other than that, I think adrenaline does carry you pretty far. It's hard to not keep going when there are tons of people cheering for you and others running along side you. And if you tell yourself you can do it, then you can.

    You've totally got this. Just don't get down on yourself. I can't wait to hear all about the race!

  4. Elise showed me this blog, and first of all, that video is crazy. I hope that if you are wobbling like a chicken and then crawling to the finish line, someone is there to film it :-).

    But just to add my 2 cents, that 20 miler we did a couple weeks before the marathon was awful. Honestly, on race day I ran quite a bit faster and felt much fresher after completing 26.2 miles than I did after doing that 20 miler. It made a huge difference to get a lot of good sleep and eat a lot of healthy proteins and carbs for an entire week or more before the race. Also, I ate bananas or oranges and drank water or Gatorade every couple of miles at the aid stations, plus I had a few of those goo things spaced out over the race. Keeping myself fueled throughout the race definitely made a big difference.

    That being said... swimming and biking a ton before doing a long run like that is nuts. So just make sure Chad has a video camera in case you do end up crawling or rolling across the finish line ;-).

  5. You will be surprised how much determination can help in situations like this. The bike will be easier because you will have people around you, same with the run. I have done several races underprepared, but the stubborn mentality I have always got me through. I ran 31 miles a few weeks ago, and my longest training run was 13 (and I actually walked some of that 13 because of pain). If you are determined, and take your time, you will be surprised at just how much your body can actually handle! I have done mini triathlons with no brick workouts, your body will figure it all out. Good luck! I can't wait to hear all about it. If you want anyone to run or bike with before you leave I have half days at school this week, and no school at all next week! Yay summer vacation!


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