Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Morphit. And Birthday Weekend Stuff.

Why, hello! I have to say, I was honored and impressed and so touched by Chad's sweet post yesterday and your nice comments. I can't believe I have such a thoughtful husband and such wonderful friends. You all make 28 feel good. :)

Right now, I have to share this picture. It came from a dumb site called morphit.com, where you get to input photos of two people and expectantly wait for a generated image of the two people--morphed into one. Of course, I put in a picture of Chad and one of me, hoping to see some adorable little Chad & Cammie baby. Instead, I got. . .

Legolas, with bangs. Nasty, nasty, nasty. I was so disappointed.

But let's not let this moment take away from the greatness of this weekend, and my birthday yesterday. It was such a wonderful day. We went to Bardstown, KY for a little road trip and took lots of pretty pictures.

 And this weekend, we went camping! We went to Jefferson Memorial Forest, and ended up at the same campsite we had last year (my sentimental heart was just singing, I tell you!).

And to top it all off, Chad made strawberry pie and we celebrated. It was a wonderful day and it made the transition to 28 a very happy one, indeed.

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