Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Thanks. Oh, and Grandma & Emma's Visit.

First off, I would like to say that I really appreciated your comments on facebook and the blog in response to my post yesterday. I feel so encouraged by the things you had to say. My plan for the race next weekend is to take it easy, and just enjoy it. I won't be the fastest one out there, but I really think my body can do it. Hopefully a solid sleep schedule and good nutrition will help some, too. Aaaand, I will repeatedly listen to this song between now and June 1.


Okay, are you ready for some pictures? Emma and Grandma graced us with their presence last week, and I would be most ungracious if I didn't acknowledge that with some pictures. We had such a good time! I had a hard time choosing my favorite pictures, because there were lots of great moments.

Day 1. To the Races! Chad scored some surprise tickets to Churchill Downs, and we saw two horse races! It was my first time, even though we've spent the last 10 months living 5 minutes from the track.

Enjoying Cherokee Park. Cherokee Park will always be my favorite, no matter what, because Chad and I spent lots of time there before we were married and it's where we got engaged. We spent a looong time figuring out the LOVE shot (below), but I'd say it was worth it.

Favorite Shots from the Louisville Slugger Museum

Visiting the Louisville Temple

At Dinosaur World! (We didn't actually go in, but we still took pictures because we're cool like that.)

At Dairy Kastle! What kinds of hosts would we be if we didn't take our guests to Dairy Kastle at least twice?

At Cheesecake Factory (thanks, Grandma!)

At Mammoth Caves (no cool pictures of caves here, just the gang. the caves are quite impressive, if you were wondering.)

What a fun time we had! I'm so grateful they made the time to come visit. I love my family!

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