Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Celebrating the cohort of 2012.

Here's to the best cohort that ever was. I feel so grateful that I came to Auburn two Augusts ago to meet these people. I will miss eternal Tuesdays where we shared clients and dinners and jokes and tears and looks of exasperation. It feels really cheesy to say it, but we share a very unique bond because of what we've been through together. Boot camp. Game nights. FCS. Clinic Night. Pumpkin burning. Half-marathon training. Pink sheets. Thesis. Profile analysis. Tuesday jam sessions. Football. Bachelorette viewing sessions. AAMFT Conference. 4 people sharing an economy hotel room with one bed because somebody isn't very good at using priceline (that was me). Okay, that's probably enough. I love these people. I hope I'm a good therapist. I know I'm a better person for having associated with these friends of mine.

And now, I draw a few lines from the melodramatic closing number of my high school choir concert, in which I could not sing because I was too busy sucking the snot away from my mouth because I was bawling like a baby: "How do we say goodbye, when we never want it to end? Why can't we just pretend there'll never be a goodbye or farewell, my friend? Why must this be the end? One day we'll meet again. 'Til then we'll say goodbye. Yes, we'll say good byeeeeeeee [suppressed sobs and sniffles]...Goodbye."

Oh, but it's not high school. Somehow I feel like the world actually isn't ending, and maybe we actually will meet again. AAMFT Conference 2012? Yeah, probably.


  1. You silly girl! First of all, CONGRATS!!! Second of all, how the heck do you remember the words to that song?!I mean, I remember it now, but it was waaaay back there in the memory bank. I love your post. It makes me want to know these people too! Love you, and can't wait to see you!!!!

    1. haha, er...I dunno. the pops concert was kind of a traumatic experience for me--wasn't it for you? anyway, I'm sooooo excited to see you so soon!! love you!


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