Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sweet Home Alabama

Today I went out to the home of some of my clients in Phenix City for therapy. They live in a tiny house with the most amazing backyard I have ever seen. Right on the river. The teenage daughter had told me her backyard was "like, the most amazing yard ever, but [her] parents were so [bleeeeeeep] that they never let anyone come over," but I figured she was probably exaggerating.

Nope, it was really that awesome.

But I was too shy to ask to take pictures. After an hour and a half of "therapy" that felt like Jerry Springer meets Steel Magnolias, however, I was ready to find some pretty outdoors. I found the Phenix City River Walk. I love it, and I can't believe I've worked in this town two days a week for an entire year without finding this place! The sun was just fixin' to go down, people were out fishin' and walkin' and runnin', and I just felt so glad to be there.

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