Sunday, July 1, 2012

Fresh Starts. . . and the FINAL Louisville visit before I make it my place of residence.

Just a quick bedtime post to say I'm really grateful for fresh starts, which are in rich supply for me right now. I moved a bunch of stuff up to Kentucky and saw the beautiful little home Chad and I will be living in, and we basked in being together and enjoying our last visit before the wedding.

I guess I'm just really happy about moving into a new phase of my life, being done with grad school (PLEASE can I be done revising my thesis?!), and thinking about who I want to be. I love the opportunity I have right now to think about who I have been in Auburn--in the branch, in my calling(s), at school, with my roommates, as a person, really--and to decide who I want to be in my new city. What kind of wife/Church  
member/citizen/therapist/person will I be?

Speaking of fresh starts, I was feeling really proud of myself today for actually improving on something I've struggled with. I realized that Christ's Atonement offers us lots of 'fresh starts,' and I'm grateful for that. Starting over--whether it be moving to a new city, getting married, or just improving at something and forgetting past mistakes--it all just feels like such a blessing right now.

Oh, and um...only 26 days!! Good heavens.

Here are some trip pictures.

by the scummy water after deciding not to swim.

oh how badly I wanted to get in the water. . . but couldn't bring myself to do it.

looking adorable.

pretty trees and sunshine by our campsite.

a parody of our overly-abundant "squishy face" pictures

lookin' sweaty...106 degrees of pure humidity

flowers, a card, AND my favorite person all in one house.


  1. I love it! Plus, you have a table already? Cherish that. We didn't have a table for a long time.

    1. Hehe...yeah, Chad had the table already. It's weird marrying someone who hasn't lived in furnished Provo apartments for the past decade.


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