Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Maybe this is kind of a vain post, but I did my makeup and hair today and it felt really good. It hasn't happened a lot since I've been in graduate school, and I sure took my time today. Yes, the Alabama frizz will always be there (or Kentucky frizz, no doubt), but it's nice to feel a little pretty. Looking forward to slower mornings for a while. :)

Also, in exactly two weeks I will be headed to Atlanta to hop on a plane for home. The excitement is finally hitting me. Home! Wedding! Chad! Family! And I recently decided to forego my graduation ceremony in favor of a full extra day of honeymoon in Florida with Chad AND--this just in--a possible jaunt up the Atlantic coast on our way back up to Kentucky (now that we won't have to stop in Auburn for graduation). Oh, this is just becoming too good to be true.

Oh hey, do you have a favorite book or book on tape? I'm thinking suspense or mystery--you know, something really gripping--but I'm open to whatever. We're gonna have a looooong drive from FL to KY.

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