Wednesday, April 24, 2013

First Dairy Kastle of the Season

I absolutely love Dairy Kastle. If you ever come visit me in Louisville, I will take you down the block and around the corner to Dairy Kastle. (well, if you visit me in the next 50 days--we just got 60 days' notice from our landlady that she is moving back into her house! but that's another story.)

The Health Challenge ended on Sunday (also, another story. winners to be announced!), and we've been excited to go back to our neighborhood ice cream stop.

Dairy Kastle is this magical place that is only open from March to October. There are always hoards of college students milling around, lined up for their ice cream or sitting around eating. This time, Chad got the Fat Elvis (his favorite!), which is a peanut butter/banana/ice cream shake. I usually get a dipped cone or an oreo flurry, but I got a hot fudge cake sundae--devil's food cake with hot fudge and vanilla soft serve. Yum! It was a very, very happy night.



  1. Dairy Kastle sounds amazing!

    Darn, I'm guessing I didn't win the health challengage?? Lol oopsies.


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