Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Great Lovers' Day

Did you know that's a real holiday? I did, because last week I was looking for ecards for little Mary's birthday and apparently April 2nd, 2013 is Great Lovers' Day. Maybe it's Canadian?

Anyway, more importantly, today is Chad's birthday! 28 years old never looked so good! :) Oh, how glad I am that little Chaddy came into the world. (He would say, "LITTLE?!" right now.) Things I am loving about Chad currently:

1-He makes dreams come true--he's like Disney Land. Like, if you want a therapy business to run from your home, he will make sure you have a nice-looking office and he'll even wire a speaker system so you have a noise maker outside your office door to protect confidentiality. Oh, and if you really want to go to Aruba he will go there with you. At least he did with me one time.

2-He is smart and loves what he does. I am glad he is passionate about teeth, even if I don't necessarily share his enthusiasm. Mostly I just think it's cool that he loves to learn and he does such a good job.

3-He is a gentleman. I've always loved that he opens doors for me. I love that even within the let-your-guard-down, be-yourself, you-knew-what-I-was-when-you-picked-me-up realm that is marriage, he still makes a concerted effort to be kind & considerate. It is nice.

Love you, Chad! It's gonna be another great year. :)


  1. He have any single brothers? :)

    Oh, and happy birthday to him!

  2. Aww this is sweet. Happy birthday to chad!


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