Monday, April 29, 2013

Is Anyone Still Watching The Office?

I am. Even though I will be the first to admit it went downhill after Michael Scott left, I just haven't been able to quite let go. And I LOVE Jim and Pam. I feel like the character/relationship development on that show has been amazing. I cried--nay, wept--at the closing scene from Thursday's episode.

Not sure if it's because I'm so dang sentimental, or a therapist, or married, or what--but it just got me right in my little corazoncito. Is it sick that I love watching people make up? I mean, nobody likes fighting (or at least, nobody should), but I think I can stomach any amount of bickering & distancing if it ends with a beautiful make up like this one. Sigh. (Watch the whole episode if you can--this clip is pretty crummy)

I dunno, this just seems real to me. Anyone who says there's nothing real about TV is so, so wrong. So there.


  1. I love making up with friends or my husband especially when we get somewhere with what were working on. It feels so good so no, it's not sick that you love watching people make up!

  2. There is SO much relational conflict on TV today (even in cooking shows. WHY?) Although I agree, The Office has been declining steadily, at least it has the wherewithal to keep a marriage alive. I also felt a li'l warm fuzzy when Pam hugged Jim back.

  3. I haven't seen it in sooooo long.. Sad because I used to love it!


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