Friday, March 22, 2013

Bad School Names.

I think names are important. And even if you're naming something other than your child, I still think you should think about it for like, more than 5 seconds. I am new to Louisville, but as a therapist I am getting to know many of the public schools in the area. Some of the schools have some downright silly names.

Noe Middle School. My Hispanic clients pronounce this as "No-way Middle School," but school officials call it simply, "No" Middle School. Like, everyone is in denial about this school. We're not sure if it's really a middle school, or if it's even really a school at all. Or maybe "No Middle School" is more like a collective groan from everyone who has ever been through middle school, is going through middle school, or works in a middle school. Nooooooooo!!!

Male High School. At first I wanted to include this one because my husband told me he thought "male" was actually being used as an acronym for something, since this is a co-ed school (as in, M.A.L.E.). I thought, "That is ridiculous, using an acronym that spells out a word that means something untrue about the object it is being used to abbreviate." Right? But then I found out the school actually was an all-male school. But only until 1953! So, still dumb. Their website is awesome, however.

I love this mascot because if you just saw him on the street, you'd be like, "Oh, you're a male bulldog!"

Moore Traditional School. My friend Maggie and I laughed about this name for like, half an hour one day. Because I was talking about the school, and she didn't realize it was M-o-o-r-e, so she was like, "More traditional than what?!" Are they hitting kids with paddles? Do the kids use slate boards? Is there a red-haired teacher living in a house behind the school?

It's just so much more traditional than most schools, Maggie. That's why I'm sending my kids there someday.

But really, what's in a name? I'd love to hear YOUR best/worst school names! Don't be shy.


  1. How about stupid names for businesses? I just came across this furniture store called Furnish It. So since everyone has a website these days, Really? Reminds me of that therapy website you had for a couple days!

    1. hahaha, oh shoot, you're right! I really should have thought that one through better! :/

      Furnishit is pretty, pretty awful. Good one, Mom!

  2. It would be kind of weird to be on the "Male Cross Country Team".

    1. Haha, I agree. "Try out for the Male Women's Basketball Team..."

  3. I went to Wilson School. That was actually fine. But inside the front hall was a picture of the man for whom it was named: MELVIN Wilson. I'm sure he was a phenomenal educator. However, everyone on the planet should know that children from K-5 can only think of one thing when they hear the word Melvin.

  4. No odd names here...

    Everton Elementary
    Connersville Middle School
    Connersville High School
    Franklin County High School
    Centerville High School

    All just named after the city or county... LOL.

  5. Male High School?! That's just asking to be made fun of. :)

  6. This is awesome! Noe would confuse me too!


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