Monday, March 18, 2013

Mint Oreo Brownies

Happy St. Patty's Day! Yesterday was not my free day (thanks to the flan episode with my Cuban clients; see previous post), but I still wanted to make a treat to hand out to the ward choir since they were singing in church today. My original idea was to make some variation of these mint brownies, sold famously at the BYU bookstore. But I wanted to simplify things some, and wound up with something fabulous AND easy! So I thought I'd share. The filling (which was really supposed to be frosting), turned out with the exact consistency and taste of mint oreo cookie filling. It was an accident, but I have made the frosting enough times that I know exactly what I did differently to make them turn out that way (melted the butter all the way on accident). So we ended up with "mint oreo brownies!" Get it? Like mint oreo cookies, only with brownies on the outside instead of cookies. Yummmm.

all you need right here, plus some eggs, oil, and water

this is what the filling will look like after you mix it up

the filling shouldn't be sticky or anything--you should be able to flatten it right out or roll it out.

I cut mine into little squares so they'd fit nicely between the brownie squares.

. . .like so.

you can smoosh 'em together a little if you want.

I was equally (if not more) excited about the sticker-buttons I made to go with the brownies. Kiss me, I'm Irish I sang in ward choir today! Cute, right? :) I printed them out on mailer label paper so I could cut them out and stick them over the plastic wrap.

I was pretty excited to tote these off to church.

here's Chad, sporting his sticker. he is my number 1 choir supporter/participant.
The choir did well. (phew). I think everyone was nervous (congregation included), but it came together just fine. I am proud of them. And I hope they all got lots of kisses. Oh, and here's the recipe in full, if you're interested. Printable version here.  

Mint Oreo Brownies
You will need:

1 Brownie Mix
Water, eggs, oil (per brownie mix directions)
Chocolate chips (optional)
3 cups powdered sugar
½ cup melted butter
¼ tsp mint extract
5 drops green food coloring

To Prepare:

Prepare brownies according to instructions on box, sprinkling chocolate chips before baking if desired. Bake in a large pan (9x13). Allow to cool before applying filling. For filling, mix melted butter and powdered sugar, adding food coloring and mint extract. Cut brownies into small squares. Roll out filling, and cut filling into squares. Layer brownie squares and filling with filling in between two brownie squares. Enjoy!


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