Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I Would Buy

Chad and I spend money differently. I spend it on trinkets and clothes and snacks. He is better about not wasting it on "little" things, but he likes to make big purchases. At least, he talks about making big purchases. We both talk about making big purchases, which only occasionally ever happen.

Here, in no particular order, are the little things I think I would buy, given unlimited resources. I know they are kind of silly. Also, at least one of them isn't really little at all! Hmmm.

1. Bahama Mama bronzer. Because I watched this makeup tutorial about highlighting and countouring, and I got totally sold on this product! Kind of silly. I am 27, and I still don't really know anything about makeup, but every now and then I see something that I'm so sure would revolutionize my whole beauty regimen. Probably not likely.

2. Isn't this Target swimsuit so adorable? Chad made me throw out an old favorite after our Aruba trip because it was stretched out in places. I only relented because he said I could get a new one. Still, NOT a necessary purchase. But tempting.

3. Baby clothes, baby clothes! Ever since I found out my sister Elise is expecting, I can't stop looking at baby clothes. And it's gotten even worse now that we know she's having a girl! I could spend A LOT of money in this department.

4. Okay, not a small purchase. I just think antique-looking hutches are cool. And our kitchen needs some serious organizational help, not to mention a complete aesthetic overhaul. 

5. Pride & Prejudice piano solo music. We have an awesome upright piano, and I have been playing the same stuff forEVER now. This kind of music is perfect for me, because I can sightread a lot of it, so I don't have to put in hours and hours perfecting it, but it sounds really elegant and solo-ish. Perfect for showing off. (kidding)

6. Maybelline bouncy blush--also something I saw on that makeup tutorial (along with #1). I lose interest in makeup products so quickly, I feel like just posting it on here has gotten the need out of my system. What a relief!

Gotta go run my 9 miles today (ack) and I've got an evening-full of appointments. I also have a guest post from Emma coming at you tomorrow! Happy Tuesday!


  1. In our family, I think I'm the one who is better at not spending money on little things, instead saving it up for big purchases. Angel is much more likely to just buy a candy bar at the gas station or a toy that he randomly likes. We also come to decisions on big purchases together....but mostly we try to avoid spending money. :P Spending your hard-earned money isn't really fun....

  2. Hey Cam, this looks a lot like your swimsuit and its 40% off! :) http://www.shadeclothing.com/index.jsp?&ref=logo&Port=EMAIL&ad=032713_Coral


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