Thursday, March 21, 2013

Emma's Thought of the Week

*Not that she only had one thought this whole week. But this was one she shared with me. (If you're new here, welcome to little-sis-Emma's weekly guest post. I agree, Emma, taking some time to think and ponder makes such a difference in feeling really connected to God through prayer. Thanks for the reminder. Love you, Em!

"One thing I liked this week was in Third Nephi 19: 9 which says, 'And they did pray for that which they most desired; and they desired that the Holy Ghost should be given unto them.' I think this is cool because the thing that they desired most happened to be a righteous desire and was certainly in line with God’s will because they got the gift of the Holy Ghost in the next verse. I think often times I pray for what I truly want, and that they are good things, but they may not be the best as far as “good, better, best” goes. Maybe if I took the time to evaluate my desires and intentions and what matters most before I prayed I could make my prayers more meaningful. This time for self-reflection may also help me to try and align my will with Heavenly Father’s will and pray for the best things. I may have stretched that verse in my head to get to that thought, so hopefully this makes sense. Anyways, I think it’s cool to think about ways to make prayers more meaningful and personal, and I think pondering about our desires before we pray is one way."

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