Tuesday, March 5, 2013

This weekend, I. . .

Linking up with Sar for a "This Weekend, I" post. A day late. :)

This weekend, I made a cake. Sunday was Chad's and my "free day" from the health challenge, so we decided to live it up. This was my first time attempting to make my mom's carrot cake (which I found out is actually my great-grandmother's carrot cake!). My mom has always been famous for this dessert, and yummm, it turned out SO good! Like, amazingly good. There is no carrot cake I have ever tasted that even halfway compares to this one. It's got pineapple in it, which makes it super moist, and the cream cheese frosting is to die for. Email me and I'll send you the recipe (it's my great-grandma's, but I don't think it's a secret. right, mom?).

This weekend, Chad and I made Hawaiian haystacks (quintessential Mormon potluck dish--also yum!) and had some friends over for dinner. It's fun having friends with kids, because they come over and our house gets crazy for a bit and then they leave. :)

This weekend, I worked in the temple. Something Chad and I do every other week, but Chad had to study so I went alone this time. I love being there so much.

This weekend, I did not think about work once--at least, I tried not to. I made every effort to push the paperwork, the clients, the problems out of my mind every time they started weaseling their way in. Funny story about clients, though. This Sunday, we went to a stake conference, which is several congregations in the area meeting all together. Happens a couple of times a year. Anyway, I knew that some of my therapy clients would be there, but my policy (and I tell my clients this) is to not acknowledge them in public unless they do first. Sometimes it is tempting to tell Chad about who I am seeing, but I can't because often he knows them.

So we're driving home from church and Chad says, "So, the X family came up to me at church. . . [my insides are groaning at this point, but I don't say anything]. . ."and they both were like, 'You have a great wife! We just love her so much!'

Little backstory here: Chad, as far as he knows at this point, has spent more time with this family than I have; in fact, I think I only met them once before we were married, and probably haven't seen them since (until they were clients, obviously).

So heChad says, "Yeah, she's pretty great! But I didn't realize you guys knew her that well." (oh, Chad.) Then they say, "Oh, we're seeing her!" Poor Chad then says, "I don't think I'm supposed to know this. . ."


Anyway, that was pretty much our weekend. Happy March!

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  1. ....and we got to listen to and shake hands with an Apostle of Jesus Christ. :) What a wonderful experience that was!


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